• Work 1on1 with a qualified Personal Trainer
  • Learn the foods to eat and the ones to avoid
  • Challenge yourself with the group classes
  • Get your own personal folder with useful tips to help reach your goals
  • Train with like minded people  

The OZ FIT Personal Training 12 week challenge will help you change your overall wellbeing and transform your body by personally showing you how to take control of your life and your waist line through correct eating and exercise. You will experience weightloss, body fat reduction, strength and fitness gains.

Nutrition is an important part of the challenge and we provide weekly nutrition and daily support throughout the 12 weeks.  Our goal for the challenge is to show that exercise can be enjoyable and part of your lifestyle as well as teaching you how to maintain a healthy and well balance diet.

Along the way you will meet like minded people with similiar goals that will help motivate and encourage you along the way. Throughout the 12 weeks the group will work together and as an individuals to accomplish challenges along the way marking their health and fitness progression. We cater for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels and no one gets left behind. 

We hold two 12 week challenges a year with one starting around february and the other around september.

There are only 40 positions available. To secure your spot you must pay your first week upfront as a deposit prior the starting date.

If your interested please contact us today as these spots fill within a week.

Economy Package – NEW

This new package is your entry level program designed for clients who want to be held accountable to a health and fitness goal over the 12 weeks, become slightly more toned but incredibly fit and lose a bit of body fat in the process. Whilst the Nutritional Consultations will help you create that individual meal plan to suit your lifestyle.


Original 12WC Packages – TRIED & TESTED

This successful package has been around since the start and has help hundreds of clients reach their goals over the years. It’s designed for people who want to learn how to balance work/life while at the same time train towards your individual goals. You can easily lose 10+ kilos on this program if you apply yourself to it and do so without being starved. This is the package that gave us our 12wc reputation in the Redlands for being weigh-loss specialist for everyday people.


Keep me accountable Package – NEW

This new program is made for clients who want to completely transform their lives but know they need around the clock support, accountability and even a bit of tough love. This program is designed to deliver results, with 2 x personal sessions a week as well as twice the amount of weigh-ins compared to the other programs making sure your on track and seeing results each week. You will get the extra support/guidance when it comes to the foods your eating. Even creating a personalized meal plan if you know you work better with a structured meal plan.


*Prizes will be won for the top 3 clients who lose the most amount of weight and waist line measurements. Each previous group have lost a combined weight of over 300kgs.

the trainers are professional
the sessions are personalised
the results are real

Super Challenge September 2014

Super Challenge October 2014

Super Challenge November 2014