OZ FIT Kick Start Nutrition Program

Nutrition Package - $100per person

Eating a balanced diet is the key to success with weight loss and general health. At OZ FIT we don’t give our clients starvation diets to get the results.

We offer a OZFIT Kick-Start Nutrition Program which is based around cleaning up your current eating styles using the National Nutrition guidelines of Australia and natural healthy foods while eliminating as much processed foods as possible.

This includes one 30min consultation with our nutritional coach Alicia to talk about you and your goals(if your local to the area), 2 set Meals Plans to help guide you in the right direction and a training program. Also you will be able to contact me via email or text message if you have any queries or questions along the way. I will base all my meal plans around food you like and dislike as I like to personalize to you. Our Nutritional Coach Alicia is qualified in Nutrition Level 1 through AIAS and has a Certificate of Optimal Sports Nutrition through Cadence Health.

“Eat for the body you want not the body you have”

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