Self Care Part 3 - The power of looking after yourself!

“Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit. But its what you do at that moment that determines who you are.” – David Goggins

The journey of life can be confusing for us at times. Things can happen that challenge us, push us, teach us, stress us, change us and throw us to the ground. Why does this happen??? It happens so we remember who we are and how important we are, in our greatest pain, fears and lowest points of our lives, a light bulb moment can suddenly appear in a flash and our mindset is shifted. 

One thing that should never change along our life journey is the importance of looking after ourselves. Our bodies are truly amazing biological organisms that live and breathe each day. They require much love, nourishment, maintenance and repair to exist to their true potential. Much like a car that won’t work well if you don’t look after it with good fuel, regular service and lots of love, our bodies are no different. If we do it for our car, why don’t we do it for our bodies. We can buy a new car when it completely breaks down, but we can’t buy a new body???

After making some changes to my diet and adding in the supplements Jenny gave me to take, I can definitely feel some positive changes after three weeks in the body, mind and soul. My energy levels have risen, my mood has improved immensely, my body doesn’t feel stressed or jittery, I’m sleeping much better and my body is feeling lighter and happier in every way. The internal body is on the mend and its beginning to shine from inside to outside.

I’m not following any silly strict diet plan; I am just focusing on eating clean and balanced as well as hitting all major food groups the most natural way possible. Which is exactly what I believe in and preach to my clients. I’ve eliminated as much sugars, processed carbs and foods as I can and I’m making everything from scratch where I can. Mason is also on the bandwagon with me and we can both say we aren’t missing the sugar or chocolate or sweets and treats. We are both really loving focusing on our food and feeling amazing in all aspects of our body. 

My training regime has also increased, and I now have the energy to get back into my running and my weight training as well as my new found favourite group sessions W.O.D and Rip 60 with my Brute Force Sandbags (Love these and I get a pink one to use). I’m finally feeling alive again and my body is thanking me for it. 

I am still very mindful about balance and making sure I have rest days to recover so I get the maximum out of my training but also minimise injury and sickness. I no longer feel guilty for having down time as it is important for us to switch off from day to day life and just allow our mind to be still. Our minds are also very precious. We must be careful with what thoughts we fill our mind with. Remove negative beliefs and thoughts as much as possible and replace them with positive, loving thoughts of life and self. What we believe in is what we create and the more positive thoughts we have the happier we truly are. I mediate for at least 20mins 3-4 times a week using a mix of relaxation music or guided meditation music which allow me to switch off my mind and filter out the negative thoughts that can creep it so I can bring in lovely new positive thoughts. It has helped me manage my stress, anxiety and that overwhelming feeling we get at time. Quiet the mind and feel the peace it can bring to your life. 

Who would of thought that some small changes in nutrition and supplements mixed in with a little mind work and exercise, could make such a massive difference in the mind, body and soul! It shows you how powerful nutrition and exercise can be. You know when you feel good, your body is in a good place. Our ancestors have used food provided by mother nature for thousands of years to heal, fuel and repair the body. We should take a page out of their book as they survived off the land before medicine and grocery stores came along. Nutrition is a powerful tool to utilise on the journey to good health and we should be able to get all we need from the food we eat. 

Looking after yourself is a full-time job just like work, family and life. We take ourselves for granted until something happens and bring our attention to it. If you have time to look after others, you do have time to look after yourself. Remember you are with yourself 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week / 52 weeks a year. 

If you’re not feeling the best in yourself and life feels hard and challenging, just know that with small positive changes you can make a massive difference in your life and especially your health. Being sick and tired 24/7 is not how we are supposed to feel. We are here to live our life potential and we need to feel our very best to do so. Don’t take your health for granted. You are just as important as those around you. Make the time and the commitment to yourself and see your life change for the better and for the future ahead. Too busy is a myth – People also make time for the things that are important to them. 

Live your life to your true potential and don’t settle for anything less.

Love & Light

Alicia xx


“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are connected in life.”
- T. Colin Campbell

Self Care Part 2 – When your body is trying to tell you something but you aren’t listening?

I sat on the couch this afternoon and spoke softly to myself, “My darling body im so sorry I have neglected you and allowed you to get to this point. It has been a massive past 18 months carrying the world on my shoulders and dealing with all sorts of emotions but Im so proud you made it through without completely hitting the wall. I now promise to commit to looking after you more in order to heal you and help you get back to where you should be! So you can be happy and healthy once again.


We truly don’t know the effects of stress on the body until we get a wake up call. After my appointment with the lovely Jenny Alwell from the Salt Sanctuary, everything made complete sense. All of the symptoms I was feeling and shrugging off as just being a little tired and run down was much more. My iron levels were low, my cortisol levels were low, my adrenal glands were working on over time and the body was just trying to get by. I was eating well with lots of iron rich foods and eating lots of fresh foods but because my body had been in stress mode my body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients I needed from my food. My body was too busy in flight or fight mode each day trying to juggle everything life was throwing at me. I struggled to train and do the things I loved. 


Now I know this isn’t a serious condition that cant be fix but it can be the beginning of something more serious if left as is. Stress causes inflammation in the body and can stem into much much more. This was my wake up call to start taking better care of myself. The funny thing is, this is what I preach to my clients about- How to eat well and listen to your body. With all my knowledge and experience I forgot to listen to my own advice. That’s why I needed to speak to another professional to help me get myself back on track and I wanted to do it as natural as possible so that is why I opted for a naturopath. Even the personal trainer needs some personal training from time to time. I needed a dose of my own advice.


With a couple of natural remedies and supplements I now begin my journey back into better health. I have focused on getting my food 100% back on track and getting back into my own training doing something each day through the week and having the weekends for rest to begin with. I am focusing on having mindfulness time each day for at least 15mins including deep breathing techniques and meditation to quiet the mind. We truly don’t realise how important our bodies are until they aren’t performing to their normal and vital functions. 


Our lives can get on top of us at times and we can be limited with time, but we must take time for self care. Even if its just 30mins a day. Do something each day that your future self will thankyou for. It may not matter much now but I can assure you it will matter in the near future. Do you want to be able to run around with your kids, travel the world, go camping, even just do the things you love and that make you happy??? If you body is sick, tired and unwell all the time how can you have these happy moments??? How can you live life to your true potential??


If you’re body is crying out to you……..LISTEN . We don’t know what is happening inside of us so we need to start by working on the inside. When the internal body is in harmony it reflects out through our emotions, energy, mood and mindset. But remember you can only make these changes yourself. SO COMMIT TO YOU.


 Love & Light

Alicia xxx


Why OZ FIT Personal training is unique???

Have you ever walked into a gym and just felt out of place, like you didn’t fit in?? You felt   you were just another number and once your free trial sessions were up, you faded into the masses never to be noticed again unless you paid the extra fees for your own personal trainer? Or maybe even felt invisible from the very beginning once you signed on the dotted line for your membership? 

At OZ FIT Personal Training, we are more than just a fitness facility. We are a place where no matter what walk of life you’re from, what fitness level or shape or size you are, there is a place for you in our community. It doesn’t matter it you have never exercised before or even walked into a gym, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our community is made up of every day people coming together to uplift and encourage each other as they make their way along their health and fitness journeys. 

All of our sessions are personalised, no matter if its a group session or personal training session. We know who you are, what your goals are and how we are going to help you achieve it. We love being able to accomodate clients who carry injuries or medical conditions as we really get to put our knowledge and experience to the test to adapt  most sessions to suit. Where there is a will there is a way.

Our mission as trainers is to share as much of our knowledge in exercise, nutrition and mindfulness as possible with our clients so they may use them as tools to achieve their ultimate health and fitness goals. Knowledge is power in our eyes. Then once this knowledge of health and wellbeing has been taken on board by our clients, they may be able to share it with those around them, spreading the word of how to achieve good health and happiness.

We are very passionate about seeing our clients succeed in their journeys so we are very invested with our heart and soul into each and every individual who walks into our doors. Every journey is different from person to person, and it must be approached from every angle physically, emotionally and mentally. We work on the whole package inside and outside which is why our clients see amazing results with us. You can’t just give them a meal plan and a training plan with some weights and expect them to succeed. You must nurture them along the way, like tending to a garden. You plant the seeds, nurture them with love and positive energy then watch them grow. We as humans are no different. 

Each person has their own journey, their own story, and their own starting point, but they have been able to use our knowledge, experience and motivation to achieve great results and along the way becoming happier, healthier, stronger, fitter and more confident in themselves. 

If you’re looking for that particular place where you can be who you are, grow into the best version of you and thrive in health, exercise and wellbeing then OZFIT may just be that place for you. 

Give us a call today or drop us an email to find out more

Hope to see you soon!!

Alicia, Mason & Carissa @ OZ FIT


Self Care Part 1 - Why you cant pour from an empty cup!

“Self Care is so important. 

When you take time to replenish your spirit, 

it allows you to serve others from the overflow.

You cannot serve from an empty vessel”

There comes a point in time when your body constantly feels tired, sick, heavy, achey, painful and just not right. Most of us just ignore these simple signs as we believe we don’t have the time to pay any attention to it. Life is busy and we just have to keep going and push through. But this is actually our bodies way of crying out for help. Crying out for self care and TLC. It starts as a small whisper and gets louder and louder the more we ignore it and push it away!

Is your body crying out for help and self care??? Don’t ignore it! Start taking care of it now before it overflows into something more serious. Stress, worry and day to day life  can wreak havoc on your body physically, emotionally and mentally. That is why it is so important to take care of your health and wellbeing through exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. Most sickness and disease these days are related back to lifestyle! So to do our best to prevent these as much as we can is to change our lifestyle :) You have to work on it from every aspect physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Last year was a massive year for myself personally. I was helping my family look after my mum who was going through her cancer journey (trying to hold everything together), I was running a business and looking after my clientele making sure they had everything they needed to succeed in their journeys (also restructuring a business for the move), running a house and trying to find time for me in there somewhere. Im not saying this for sympathy or anything but more of an example. I was pouring more out of my cup than I had I my cup or was receiving into my cup. Basically pouring for an empty cup. I was just managing but I had to keep it together to help everyone succeed in their journeys. My body was just holding it together cause it knew it had to. 

Then it hit me! The cup was finally fully and utterly empty. I had nothing else to give. The start of 2019 was a lot different start unlike any other year. I was tired, stressed, weighed down and unhappy with myself. I struggled to train, to run, to sleep, to hold it together. I was doing my best to eat well and get myself on track but was struggling. I should be full of beans and starting the year on top of the world but instead I was in a hole struggling to look after me and to get through the exercises I once loved. My body had hit the wall and had been trying to tell me but I was ignoring it. 

It took me until last week when I finally realised my cup needed to be filled up again and that I had to get back to looking after me so then I can continue doing what I love and help teach others around me how to look after themselves through health and fitness. My goal is to find balance in my life again physically, mentally and emotionally, through exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. 

So my plan of attack to get me back on track is

Nutrition -

  •   Eating well for my body to heal, repair and feel energised (We generally eat quite well but can slip up when tired and go for comfort food like chocolate every now and again. 

  • Drinking plenty of water and limiting coffee back to ensure 

  • Booking in to see my naturopath to help me get my body back up and running with a few tonics and magic potions. (Sometimes when we are depleted we need more than just good food to get us back to normal function)

Exercise -

  • Training Mon - Friday and having Sat/Sun off for rest and recovery

  • Go for walk outside at least 3 times per week

  • Stretching at least 3 times per week to help eliminate tightness and prevent injury

Mindfulness -

  • Meditating at least 15mins 4 times a week to help clear and calm my mind

  • Lie in my Hammock for at least 15mins 3 times a week

  • Colour in for at least 15mins 4 times per week

  • Get outside and smell the roses each and every day

  • Switch off from work related things after hours

  • Find 3 things im grateful for each day

  • Get out and embrace the world on the days off. (Beach, Camping, Day out etc) 

If you want to be able to live the life you want and to look after those around you the best you can then you must start with looking after yourself first. If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream. 

Love & Light

Alicia xo

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OZ FIT Christmas Trading Times 2018

Thankyou all our amazing clients for your love and support for 2018 and we look forward to more exciting things in 2019. 💗💗💗💗

We are so grateful and blessed to have each and everyone of you in our OZFIT family. Thankyou all for allowing us to help you all on your health and fitness journeys. 💗

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and bring on 2019!!!

Luv always Alicia , Mason & Carissa 



OZFIT Personal Training delivering results since 2005



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The transformation package is $70pp per week

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⁃           Up to 12 boot camp sessions each week

⁃           3 Levels of Program Intensity to choose from depending on your goals

⁃           3 x Levels of Structured Meal Plans to suit your level of choice

⁃           3 x Levels of Training Plan to suit your level of choice

⁃           Weigh-in and measurements every 3 weeks.

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Want to take your health and fitness to a whole new level???

Nutrition and Exercise go hand in hand when it comes to working on your health and fitness goals. 

OZ FIT Personal Training has been established for 10 years now and we are one of the longest privately owned personal training businesses in the redlands. 

At OZFIT we teach our clients how to make sustainable changes in their current lifestyle to help them reach their goals and maintain them for the rest of their lives. The results speak for themselves. 

There is no starvation diets or shake diets at OZFIT, its all about eating the right foods and minimising processed foods, sugar and bad fats. We will help you make these changes and teach you how to continue to eat REAL food. All our personal sessions include nutritional advice and planning to help you make these changes.

Don't get sucked into these quick fix, starvation diets as balance is the key. Do it the right way and with the right help/advice so you can maintain the results for years to come. We have different programs available to suit all budgets and lifestyles. For more informations visit our website or call us today on 0433 299 695.

"Treat your body as a temple as its the only place we live"



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Listed below is the new time table effective as of 20th February 2017. This new and improved Group Session Timetable is designed for clients with all different work/life schedules. With 30min, 45min and 60min groups now available even the busiest of people can set aside valuable time for themselves to look after their health and fitness. 


From the 20th February 2017 to the 4th March 2017 these new sessions will be free to trial for the first 2 weeks. 


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Bookings are essential for the trial weeks of the new sessions due to the expressed interest we have received so far. 



After the trial period, we have packages to suit all budgets and lifestyles and NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS OR EXIT FEES & YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME.

The group session only packages are as follows:

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The Importance of keeping your body healthy, fit and strong during Pregnancy.

Our gorgeous client Cat has been training with us for 3 and a half years now and has achieved amazing results loosing 35kg and being the fittest and strongest she has even been. Then last year she embarked on the most precious and wonderful journey of her life, her first pregnancy with baby Mav. 

Here is a lovely testimonial she has popped together of her journey last year. She has done a fantastic job looking after herself before, during and after her pregnancy. 

"At the start of 2016 I had some big fitness goals for myself, I was the fittest and strongest that I had ever been. All those goals changed when I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant. 

As you can imagine after loosing 35kg in the previous 2 years I was pretty nervous about the toll having a baby would take on my body. The first 3 months were business as usual, I was still running and doing everything I had previously done. As I got into my second trimester I used the guidance of my amazing trainers to not only continue what I was doing as long as I could but also to strengthen my core and pelvic floor more than I had ever done before. I told myself I would train as long as I felt my body could keep up, this resulted in me:
-running till 28 wks
-personal training till 30 wks
-bootcamp till 38 wks
- boxing/gym up to the day before i went into labour at 41wks

With the support of my trainers allowing me to keep my body strong so I not only did I have an amazing pregnancy but also an amazing labour.

I got back walking 6 days after giving birth, back into weight training and running within 6 weeks postpartum. 

Thanks Mason and Alicia for all your support throughout my pregnancy, I couldn't have done it without you. "

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy is so important. It doesn't have to be high intensity or lifting heavy of weights, it can be whatever suits your body at the time. But remember you must listen to your body, as it is the best judge of what it can and can't do! Look after your temple especially when you have a little Bub living in there!

Cat, you are an inspiration to all women that it is possible to look after yourself pre, during and post pregnancy. You just have to listen to your body. 

The real reason why women should lift weights

There are so many reasons why women should lift weights and why it is so beneficial for our health and well being!

I love weight training and how it makes you feel! I have always been a cardio fan but it wasnt until I started lifting weights to help build strength and conditioning for my body, that I realised how much weights can do for not only our bodies but also our minds. I have been doing weights for over 10 years now and I have seen my body and mind change in so many positive ways. 

Weight training gives us strength, conditioning, tone, shape, lean muscle and helps our hormones and metabolism and much more. But thats not the only reason I love weights. I love the feeling it gives me mentally when you have smashed out an awesome heavy weight session.

They say lifting weights is the best antidepressant you can ever use and I believe that. It shifts your mind to this place where you can use all your build up stress, anger, anxiety and you can literally take it out on the weights! You switch off from the world around you and just focus on lifting and executing that exercise that makes you feel so strong and powerful. The endorphins release into your system and your mind feels so much more positive because you have released that built up energy, leaving your mind strong and free and ready to take on anything. When we feel strong mentally we feel like we can hold our head up high and take on the world. It gives us confidence in our own strengths and abilities. 

Don’t just look at the physical benefits of lifting weights, look for the mental and emotional benefits too. Once you do, you will never regret another workout! 

Have you had your rest day this week?

Rest day today. Do you know it's important to include a rest day at least once a week? It's a time when your body can rest, recover and repair itself so it can be ready to get back on track for its daily activities and training. It's also important for our mind enjoy a break for the day to day thinking. 

I use my rest days (Sundays) to spend time planning for the week ahead using my vision board and planner , food prepping, having a nap and going for a walk and even sitting in my hammock if I get a chance. 💗 Take the time to rest💗

ABT & CHIX IN MITS Sessions $15 for 2 sessions per week for the month of February.

Attention Ladies, for the month of February you will only pay $15 for 2 of the ladies only session per week instead $20.

This applies only to our ABT and CHIX IN MITS sessions. Now that the kids are back at school its sign to take some time out for yourselves and look after your health and wellbeing. Book your spot today and take advantage of this fantastic offer as it won't last!! 

Contact us on 0433299695 or email us at for more details.

Bookings are essential for these sessions. 



It's time to "Spread the Love"! Refer a new client to OZFIT today and Win a $20 Visa Card Voucher to say Thankyou!

We are wanting to take an opportunity to thank our clients who spread the word of OZ FIT Personal Training and speak so highly about the service we provide. So we have decided to introduce our " Spread the Love" Client Referral Program.

If you are an existing client currently training with us in any of our programs and you refer a friend who signs up to one of our programs, you will receive a $20 Visa Gift Voucher to say thank you from us. Then you have the opportunity for a $50 Visa Card Voucher for the 3rd  person you refer and a $100 Visa Card voucher for the 5th person you refer.  Talk about an incentive to get your friends and family to get fit and active. 

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool and we pride ourselves on our reputation as a business, so we are happy to reward our clients for helping our reputation grow in the community. 

Thanks Alicia & Mason @ OZ FIT


FIT FOR LIFE is the new mantra according to OZ FIT Trainers

As Personal Trainers our job is to not only train our clients physically through exercise but to share our knowledge and experience in order to help them achieve their individual goals and maintain them. 

Mason and I are so passionate about our job that there is nothing more fulfilling than see a client succeed with our help. Its not just the physical changes that occur but also the mental and emotional changes that evolve in a positive way. We teach our clients how to lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition and hope that they will not just use this knowledge for short term results but for long term lifestyle changes. 

We are now in a society that wants everything right now. We want to see results happen in a blink of an eye and not have to exert any hard work to do it. I think we should really start changing the mindset of goals and instead of working on short term goals, work on long term life goals. Why not focus on being fit and healthy for LIFE!! Not just for the 30th birthday in 3 months or the Xmas party in 2 weeks where you completely deprive yourself of foods and exercise 3 times a day 7 days a week! Why not find a balance that keeps you fit, healthy and happy for LIFE while stilll acknowledging the small achievements along the way?


We are trying to teach our clients that it is about creating balance in their lives to achieve their goals and be fit for life. The main topics we preach to our clients are:

*Eat as much healthy natural food and limit the processed foods as possible but don’t forget to enjoy the treats and sweets of life.

*Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated and functioning well.

* Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment for the body but an enjoyment of working the body that shows you just fit and strong you are and what your capable of. Appreciate what your body can do as they are truly an amazing creation that we all take for granted sometimes.

*Rest days are important to let the body mend and repair and also enjoy a little quiet time for the mind, body and soul.

*Time with family and friends is also important and you shouldnt feel that you cant go to social occasion because your on a diet or have to go to the gym

*Enjoy the little things in life because life is too short for regrets

A very important thing we are implementing at the moment is SELF LOVE and CONFIDENCE. Learning to love ourselves for who we are. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we should be proud as we are all unique in our own way. We all have dimples, freckles, curves, blemishes, imperfections, cellulite, scars, stretch marksetc. But that is what makes us who we are! We need to stop striving to be someone else because we will never be them . We were given this body of ours to own, feed, move and love! Remember we are souls having a human experience. As long as we are fit, healthy and happy it shouldnt matter what size we are, how much we weight or if we have a six pack or not. 

We have been in the fitness industry for 10 years now and we are thankful and grateful for all the clients we have helped over the years. We have shared our knowledge with them and watched them transform their lives for the good but they have also taught us a lot along the way. They have taught us that each individual person is different from each other and we all work in different ways and have different needs. They need help with different areas in their lives along their journeys whether its physically, emotionally or mentally but the one most important thing they all strive for is to be happy and confident in their own skin. To be able to look in the mirror and smile at who they are. To walk around with their head held high and show the world they are proud of who they are.

So don’t strive to be fit for a month or lose 10kg for that party. EXERCISE AND EAT WELL FOR TO FIT AND HEALTHY FOR LIFE!! We will continue to teach our clients in many years to come about the importance of exercise and nutrition and their long term effects on our lifes. If we can teach our knowledge and experiences to as many people as possible and then they teach their friends and family maybe we can really make a change in this world about health and wellbeing. 

We are personal trainers that will help you get fit and healthy for life. We want nothing more than to see our clients maintain their results. Sometimes it may take them a bit longer to learn everything but once they learn this new way of life they will never look back. We have made this change ourselves over the years and will never look at exercise and nutrition the way we did before we were trainers.




Mason & Alicia @ OZ FIT