The highly anticipated OZ FIT 8 Week Body Blitz is finally here for 2016.

The 8 week boby blitz is designed for people who want to take their body to the final level, people who want abs, tonned muscles and most of all have a body they are confident in. It is a challenge like no other, where you can achieve what you never thought you could. 


We only take on 20 clients in this weight loss program and the results speak for themselves. Learn what foods to eat that promote fat burning, and you will be surprised with how much food you actually consume. The nutritional plans are all individually personalised to suit each client and their goals for the blitz. We also set out a full training plan for the blitz as well as pre and post nutritional plans to help you maintain the results achieved in the blitz. 


The past 3 years since starting the body blitz program, it has been completely booked out from the first advertisement. So if you are keen to take on the OZ FIT Body Blitz don't hesitate too long or you will miss out! 

The OZFIT 8 Week Body Blitz Starts Sat 4th June 2016 til 30th July. 

Train hard now to look your best for summer.

For more information click on the link below. Sign up now.