OZ FIT " I Survived" Bootcamps are not your Usual Bootcamps!

Want to try a unique style of group training, that is fun, innovative, social and at the same time affordable for people on a budget? The OZ FIT ‘I SURVIVED’ BOOT CAMP is a great way to meet like minded people as well as increase your strength and fitness levels, get into shape and lose weight along the way. Its not all about push ups and burpies, as we like to train hard in different ways.

OZ FIT BOOT CAMPS are one of Brisbane’s largest outdoor training groups. We are located at Capalaba, east of Brisbane. The reason why we are so popular is that we have real people as trainers who create a highly motivating, creative and an enthusiastic atmosphere. The clients we attract are real people with real goals. We do not provide a pretentious and intimidating gym environment. We welcome everyone no matter your age, weight and fitness level.

Our BOOT CAMP sessions are designed for people of all fitness levels shapes and sizes who want to train hard and actually see results. 

Contact us today to book your first session with us! You won't be disappointed!