FIT FOR LIFE is the new mantra according to OZ FIT Trainers

As Personal Trainers our job is to not only train our clients physically through exercise but to share our knowledge and experience in order to help them achieve their individual goals and maintain them. 

Mason and I are so passionate about our job that there is nothing more fulfilling than see a client succeed with our help. Its not just the physical changes that occur but also the mental and emotional changes that evolve in a positive way. We teach our clients how to lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition and hope that they will not just use this knowledge for short term results but for long term lifestyle changes. 

We are now in a society that wants everything right now. We want to see results happen in a blink of an eye and not have to exert any hard work to do it. I think we should really start changing the mindset of goals and instead of working on short term goals, work on long term life goals. Why not focus on being fit and healthy for LIFE!! Not just for the 30th birthday in 3 months or the Xmas party in 2 weeks where you completely deprive yourself of foods and exercise 3 times a day 7 days a week! Why not find a balance that keeps you fit, healthy and happy for LIFE while stilll acknowledging the small achievements along the way?


We are trying to teach our clients that it is about creating balance in their lives to achieve their goals and be fit for life. The main topics we preach to our clients are:

*Eat as much healthy natural food and limit the processed foods as possible but don’t forget to enjoy the treats and sweets of life.

*Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated and functioning well.

* Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment for the body but an enjoyment of working the body that shows you just fit and strong you are and what your capable of. Appreciate what your body can do as they are truly an amazing creation that we all take for granted sometimes.

*Rest days are important to let the body mend and repair and also enjoy a little quiet time for the mind, body and soul.

*Time with family and friends is also important and you shouldnt feel that you cant go to social occasion because your on a diet or have to go to the gym

*Enjoy the little things in life because life is too short for regrets

A very important thing we are implementing at the moment is SELF LOVE and CONFIDENCE. Learning to love ourselves for who we are. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we should be proud as we are all unique in our own way. We all have dimples, freckles, curves, blemishes, imperfections, cellulite, scars, stretch marksetc. But that is what makes us who we are! We need to stop striving to be someone else because we will never be them . We were given this body of ours to own, feed, move and love! Remember we are souls having a human experience. As long as we are fit, healthy and happy it shouldnt matter what size we are, how much we weight or if we have a six pack or not. 

We have been in the fitness industry for 10 years now and we are thankful and grateful for all the clients we have helped over the years. We have shared our knowledge with them and watched them transform their lives for the good but they have also taught us a lot along the way. They have taught us that each individual person is different from each other and we all work in different ways and have different needs. They need help with different areas in their lives along their journeys whether its physically, emotionally or mentally but the one most important thing they all strive for is to be happy and confident in their own skin. To be able to look in the mirror and smile at who they are. To walk around with their head held high and show the world they are proud of who they are.

So don’t strive to be fit for a month or lose 10kg for that party. EXERCISE AND EAT WELL FOR TO FIT AND HEALTHY FOR LIFE!! We will continue to teach our clients in many years to come about the importance of exercise and nutrition and their long term effects on our lifes. If we can teach our knowledge and experiences to as many people as possible and then they teach their friends and family maybe we can really make a change in this world about health and wellbeing. 

We are personal trainers that will help you get fit and healthy for life. We want nothing more than to see our clients maintain their results. Sometimes it may take them a bit longer to learn everything but once they learn this new way of life they will never look back. We have made this change ourselves over the years and will never look at exercise and nutrition the way we did before we were trainers.




Mason & Alicia @ OZ FIT