The real reason why women should lift weights

There are so many reasons why women should lift weights and why it is so beneficial for our health and well being!

I love weight training and how it makes you feel! I have always been a cardio fan but it wasnt until I started lifting weights to help build strength and conditioning for my body, that I realised how much weights can do for not only our bodies but also our minds. I have been doing weights for over 10 years now and I have seen my body and mind change in so many positive ways. 

Weight training gives us strength, conditioning, tone, shape, lean muscle and helps our hormones and metabolism and much more. But thats not the only reason I love weights. I love the feeling it gives me mentally when you have smashed out an awesome heavy weight session.

They say lifting weights is the best antidepressant you can ever use and I believe that. It shifts your mind to this place where you can use all your build up stress, anger, anxiety and you can literally take it out on the weights! You switch off from the world around you and just focus on lifting and executing that exercise that makes you feel so strong and powerful. The endorphins release into your system and your mind feels so much more positive because you have released that built up energy, leaving your mind strong and free and ready to take on anything. When we feel strong mentally we feel like we can hold our head up high and take on the world. It gives us confidence in our own strengths and abilities. 

Don’t just look at the physical benefits of lifting weights, look for the mental and emotional benefits too. Once you do, you will never regret another workout!