New Group Session Packages NOW AVAILABLE

New group session packages start as of today!!!
Important Information below regarding new pricing for group sessions.

Ultimate Group Session Pass $30pp per week for 3-10 sessions (Direct Debit Only)
(Price increase to this pass will occur on 1st April 2017, unless you lock in this introductory offer available until 31st March. To lock in this price you just have to sign up before 31st March 2017)
*If you are already on the $30 package you now have access to the 10 group sessions excluding the ladies only sessions. 

2 session pass $20 pp per week (Direct Debit Only)
1 session pass $13 pp per week (Direct Debit Only) 

Cash Payment Only Option
10 Session Card $130pp valid for 3 months (Casual visit option)


For any more info or questions please contact us! 

Thanks Mason and Alicia @ OZ FIT