Our New 9 Week Body Transformation Program is here!!! Starts 26th August 2017!

You've seen what we can do in 12 weeks ✅
You've seen what we can do in 8 weeks✅

Let's show you want we can do in 9 weeks with our new 9 Week Body Transformation program!!!


The 9 WEEK BODY TRANSFORMATION is our new program designed to transform your body and achieve your fitness goals through structured and accountable plans.

Whether your goals are weight loss, strength related, fitness or muscle gain this program can be tailored to suit all goals and levels.


The transformation package is $70pp per week

(Direct Debit) and includes the following tools to help you succeed on your journey.


⁃           Up to 12 boot camp sessions each week

⁃           3 Levels of Program Intensity to choose from depending on your goals

⁃           3 x Levels of Structured Meal Plans to suit your level of choice

⁃           3 x Levels of Training Plan to suit your level of choice

⁃           Weigh-in and measurements every 3 weeks.

⁃           Body Scans at start and finish of program

⁃           Transformation Photos

⁃           3 x Super Group Challenges

⁃           9 Week Body Transformation Booklet

⁃           Private Facebook Group for the challenge

⁃           Full support and accountability from your trainers during the program


Want to enhance your results a step further????

#9WBT Special - $10 off all personal training sessions.

You can add a 1 on 1 personal training session for just $35pp per week or a 2 on 1 personal training session for just $25pp per week.

Only available in conjunction with the 9 week body transformation package.

Not available with any other package or offer.



With summer just around the corner, this program is designed to deliver the results you desire in just 9 weeks. With complete structure and complete accountability, this will get you looking your best in time for the festive season!!!



9 Week Body Transformation Starts Saturday 26th August 2017 and finishes Saturday 28th October 2017.


For more information call us on 0433 299 695 or email us at info@ozfitpersonaltraining.com.au