Why OZ FIT Personal training is unique???

Have you ever walked into a gym and just felt out of place, like you didn’t fit in?? You felt   you were just another number and once your free trial sessions were up, you faded into the masses never to be noticed again unless you paid the extra fees for your own personal trainer? Or maybe even felt invisible from the very beginning once you signed on the dotted line for your membership? 

At OZ FIT Personal Training, we are more than just a fitness facility. We are a place where no matter what walk of life you’re from, what fitness level or shape or size you are, there is a place for you in our community. It doesn’t matter it you have never exercised before or even walked into a gym, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our community is made up of every day people coming together to uplift and encourage each other as they make their way along their health and fitness journeys. 

All of our sessions are personalised, no matter if its a group session or personal training session. We know who you are, what your goals are and how we are going to help you achieve it. We love being able to accomodate clients who carry injuries or medical conditions as we really get to put our knowledge and experience to the test to adapt  most sessions to suit. Where there is a will there is a way.

Our mission as trainers is to share as much of our knowledge in exercise, nutrition and mindfulness as possible with our clients so they may use them as tools to achieve their ultimate health and fitness goals. Knowledge is power in our eyes. Then once this knowledge of health and wellbeing has been taken on board by our clients, they may be able to share it with those around them, spreading the word of how to achieve good health and happiness.

We are very passionate about seeing our clients succeed in their journeys so we are very invested with our heart and soul into each and every individual who walks into our doors. Every journey is different from person to person, and it must be approached from every angle physically, emotionally and mentally. We work on the whole package inside and outside which is why our clients see amazing results with us. You can’t just give them a meal plan and a training plan with some weights and expect them to succeed. You must nurture them along the way, like tending to a garden. You plant the seeds, nurture them with love and positive energy then watch them grow. We as humans are no different. 

Each person has their own journey, their own story, and their own starting point, but they have been able to use our knowledge, experience and motivation to achieve great results and along the way becoming happier, healthier, stronger, fitter and more confident in themselves. 

If you’re looking for that particular place where you can be who you are, grow into the best version of you and thrive in health, exercise and wellbeing then OZFIT may just be that place for you. 

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Hope to see you soon!!

Alicia, Mason & Carissa @ OZ FIT