Self Care Part 2 – When your body is trying to tell you something but you aren’t listening?

I sat on the couch this afternoon and spoke softly to myself, “My darling body im so sorry I have neglected you and allowed you to get to this point. It has been a massive past 18 months carrying the world on my shoulders and dealing with all sorts of emotions but Im so proud you made it through without completely hitting the wall. I now promise to commit to looking after you more in order to heal you and help you get back to where you should be! So you can be happy and healthy once again.


We truly don’t know the effects of stress on the body until we get a wake up call. After my appointment with the lovely Jenny Alwell from the Salt Sanctuary, everything made complete sense. All of the symptoms I was feeling and shrugging off as just being a little tired and run down was much more. My iron levels were low, my cortisol levels were low, my adrenal glands were working on over time and the body was just trying to get by. I was eating well with lots of iron rich foods and eating lots of fresh foods but because my body had been in stress mode my body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients I needed from my food. My body was too busy in flight or fight mode each day trying to juggle everything life was throwing at me. I struggled to train and do the things I loved. 


Now I know this isn’t a serious condition that cant be fix but it can be the beginning of something more serious if left as is. Stress causes inflammation in the body and can stem into much much more. This was my wake up call to start taking better care of myself. The funny thing is, this is what I preach to my clients about- How to eat well and listen to your body. With all my knowledge and experience I forgot to listen to my own advice. That’s why I needed to speak to another professional to help me get myself back on track and I wanted to do it as natural as possible so that is why I opted for a naturopath. Even the personal trainer needs some personal training from time to time. I needed a dose of my own advice.


With a couple of natural remedies and supplements I now begin my journey back into better health. I have focused on getting my food 100% back on track and getting back into my own training doing something each day through the week and having the weekends for rest to begin with. I am focusing on having mindfulness time each day for at least 15mins including deep breathing techniques and meditation to quiet the mind. We truly don’t realise how important our bodies are until they aren’t performing to their normal and vital functions. 


Our lives can get on top of us at times and we can be limited with time, but we must take time for self care. Even if its just 30mins a day. Do something each day that your future self will thankyou for. It may not matter much now but I can assure you it will matter in the near future. Do you want to be able to run around with your kids, travel the world, go camping, even just do the things you love and that make you happy??? If you body is sick, tired and unwell all the time how can you have these happy moments??? How can you live life to your true potential??


If you’re body is crying out to you……..LISTEN . We don’t know what is happening inside of us so we need to start by working on the inside. When the internal body is in harmony it reflects out through our emotions, energy, mood and mindset. But remember you can only make these changes yourself. SO COMMIT TO YOU.


 Love & Light

Alicia xxx