Self Care Part 3 - The power of looking after yourself!

“Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit. But its what you do at that moment that determines who you are.” – David Goggins

The journey of life can be confusing for us at times. Things can happen that challenge us, push us, teach us, stress us, change us and throw us to the ground. Why does this happen??? It happens so we remember who we are and how important we are, in our greatest pain, fears and lowest points of our lives, a light bulb moment can suddenly appear in a flash and our mindset is shifted. 

One thing that should never change along our life journey is the importance of looking after ourselves. Our bodies are truly amazing biological organisms that live and breathe each day. They require much love, nourishment, maintenance and repair to exist to their true potential. Much like a car that won’t work well if you don’t look after it with good fuel, regular service and lots of love, our bodies are no different. If we do it for our car, why don’t we do it for our bodies. We can buy a new car when it completely breaks down, but we can’t buy a new body???

After making some changes to my diet and adding in the supplements Jenny gave me to take, I can definitely feel some positive changes after three weeks in the body, mind and soul. My energy levels have risen, my mood has improved immensely, my body doesn’t feel stressed or jittery, I’m sleeping much better and my body is feeling lighter and happier in every way. The internal body is on the mend and its beginning to shine from inside to outside.

I’m not following any silly strict diet plan; I am just focusing on eating clean and balanced as well as hitting all major food groups the most natural way possible. Which is exactly what I believe in and preach to my clients. I’ve eliminated as much sugars, processed carbs and foods as I can and I’m making everything from scratch where I can. Mason is also on the bandwagon with me and we can both say we aren’t missing the sugar or chocolate or sweets and treats. We are both really loving focusing on our food and feeling amazing in all aspects of our body. 

My training regime has also increased, and I now have the energy to get back into my running and my weight training as well as my new found favourite group sessions W.O.D and Rip 60 with my Brute Force Sandbags (Love these and I get a pink one to use). I’m finally feeling alive again and my body is thanking me for it. 

I am still very mindful about balance and making sure I have rest days to recover so I get the maximum out of my training but also minimise injury and sickness. I no longer feel guilty for having down time as it is important for us to switch off from day to day life and just allow our mind to be still. Our minds are also very precious. We must be careful with what thoughts we fill our mind with. Remove negative beliefs and thoughts as much as possible and replace them with positive, loving thoughts of life and self. What we believe in is what we create and the more positive thoughts we have the happier we truly are. I mediate for at least 20mins 3-4 times a week using a mix of relaxation music or guided meditation music which allow me to switch off my mind and filter out the negative thoughts that can creep it so I can bring in lovely new positive thoughts. It has helped me manage my stress, anxiety and that overwhelming feeling we get at time. Quiet the mind and feel the peace it can bring to your life. 

Who would of thought that some small changes in nutrition and supplements mixed in with a little mind work and exercise, could make such a massive difference in the mind, body and soul! It shows you how powerful nutrition and exercise can be. You know when you feel good, your body is in a good place. Our ancestors have used food provided by mother nature for thousands of years to heal, fuel and repair the body. We should take a page out of their book as they survived off the land before medicine and grocery stores came along. Nutrition is a powerful tool to utilise on the journey to good health and we should be able to get all we need from the food we eat. 

Looking after yourself is a full-time job just like work, family and life. We take ourselves for granted until something happens and bring our attention to it. If you have time to look after others, you do have time to look after yourself. Remember you are with yourself 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week / 52 weeks a year. 

If you’re not feeling the best in yourself and life feels hard and challenging, just know that with small positive changes you can make a massive difference in your life and especially your health. Being sick and tired 24/7 is not how we are supposed to feel. We are here to live our life potential and we need to feel our very best to do so. Don’t take your health for granted. You are just as important as those around you. Make the time and the commitment to yourself and see your life change for the better and for the future ahead. Too busy is a myth – People also make time for the things that are important to them. 

Live your life to your true potential and don’t settle for anything less.

Love & Light

Alicia xx


“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are connected in life.”
- T. Colin Campbell