7 secret steps to fitness success

The seven steps below will help you set up your exercise routine and reach your exercise goals. Integrating these steps will help you to create new healthy habits. During the three  months while you’re on the 12 week challenge, there may be times when you falter or lose motivation; return to these steps and remember how far you have come.


Think about your health and fitness goals, what do you want  to achieve? You are accountable to these goals and, if you struggle with motivation, remind yourself  of what they are. Keep them in a visible place and remember why you want this so much! 

Training diary
First of all, use your training diary as just that, a diary. Put in all your scheduled workouts at the start of the week and plan your other commitments around them. Your training diary will help you see how much training you will do for the week, let you see if your better at training in the mornings or evenings? Are you skipping sessions? By charting your progress, you’ll be able to see how much you have improved, and there’s nothing more motivating than that! Remember it’s all about consistency and, above all, be honest with yourself.


Tell people about your plans. Share your hopes and your goals, and ask for the support of your friends, family arid colleagues in achieving these. Also, by saying it out loud, you are taking responsibility for actually doing it, your friends will call you on it if you don’t.


Get into an exercise routine so you know what you are doing for the week ahead commit to the schedule so you don’t waste energy thinking about if and when you should exercise. Organize yourself so you plan your life around the goal of good health. Find the time of day that suits you best and stick to it, whether it’s cold, raining or hot. If you have to miss a session one day, make it up over the week. The discipline of keeping your training habit will increase your self-esteem and help you to realize that you are capable of a lot more than you originally believed.


Training is a metaphor for life. The harder you train and the
more disciplined you are, the more capable you become at
dealing with life’s challenges. You strengthen your character
and your resolve as you strengthen your body. People will
respect you more…you will respect you more.



Set small achievable goals and challenges for yourself. Breaking your ultimate goal into smaller goals will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Your exercise mini-goals might be something like if last week in your cardio walk-run workout, you ran for 3 minutes then walked for 1 minute, this week try running for 5 minutes with a 1-minute walk. If you ran on the treadmill for 12 minutes at level 8, get onto it and by 12 minutes at level 8.5.


Encourage a friend or relative to exercise with you to go for a walk or run around the block. Not only will this make the 12 weeks more fun, but also it’s the perfect way to encourage someone else into looking after their health and wellbeing. In this small way you are now changing your world. People will be attracted to your new positive and ambitious energy and will look to you for inspiration. Stay committed and watch your influence spread.


Variety is essential so try many different exercises. This is why we keep your workouts varied and interesting by introducing new ones when you feel yourself getting bored. Every time you try something new, you expand your comfort zone and increase your confidence.


Failure is a mindset. Don’t let knock-backs or disappointments stop you in your tracks and send you to the fridge. One small hiccup doesn’t mean you should give up forever, remember to let go of that negative self-talk, instead, learn from setbacks and move forwards. If you sustain an injury, let us know so we can modify your program to allow that body part to rest while you still keep moving. If you are tired and can’t be bothered, focus on the bigger picture and remind yourself of your goals, there is a good reason you’re doing this. The more effort you can put in early on, the quicker you’ll see great results, this will motivate you to continue. If a busy time at work upsets your schedule, modify and re-plan your day so that you can still have that time out to exercise. Prioritize and re-prioritize each time you are faced with a setback to ensure you keep going.

Remember, your health is non-negotiable. 


If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that training is all about
consistency. If you miss a workout, don’t forget about it!
No excuses! Re-plan your week so that you can make it up.
Consistency is everything and you must be disciplined
and committed to succeed. ‘Systems don’t fail people, people
fail systems’ …you don’t have to be one of them!

Saul Edmonds

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