FAT LOSS and why you should not ignore your Metabolic Rate

70% of the total energy you burn off during the day is from your resting metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate represents the amount of energy that is required to keep you alive at rest. It is comparable to the amount of petrol that is required to keep a car engine idling.


Another 15% of the total energy burnt during the day is from exercise. The remaining 15% comes from dietary induced thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the energy required digesting, absorbing, transporting and storing the food you eat.


Factors that lower your metabolic rate include…

  1. Being female - due to a lower amount of lean muscle tissue (sorry ladies)
  2. Age - due to the loss of lean muscle tissue with inactivity
  3. Overheating - less energy is required to cool the body than to heat the body


Factors that increase metabolic rate include…

  1. Breakfast - kick starts your metabolism for the day.
  2. Cardiovascular exercise - during and shortly after each exercise session.
  3. Moving throughout the day - regular activity forces the body to expend energy.
  4. Weight training - increases lean muscle tissue therefore increases metabolic rate.
  5. Being male - due to the higher amount of lean muscle tissue.
  6. Fidgeting - “fidgeters” are constantly moving and burning energy.
  7. Caffeine - is a stimulant and helps the body to use fat as an energy source.
  8. Cold weather - it takes more energy to keep the body warm than it does to keep it cool.
  9. Spicy foods - slightly stimulate metabolic rate - so spice up your food.


These are some of the factors that will increase your metabolic rate. Many of which are related to the amount of lean muscle tissue you have. It is vital to maintain a high metabolism through your life as it is the major factor that determines your weight. SO LADIES START LIFTING WEIGHT TO HELP CONTROL FAT/WEIGHT GAIN


The most important, controllable, variable of metabolic rate is lean muscle mass. The only physical interaction that will maintain or increase lean muscle tissue, is strength training.


A slight increase in resting metabolic rate will add up to a significant amount of energy expenditure throughout the course of a day. You only have to increase the revs of the engine slightly and your car will burn a lot more petrol. 


Quick Tip: Rev up your metabolism. Move more burn more fat all day long

Saul Edmonds

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