OZ FIT Personal Training is now introducing a fitness program to help teach our younger generation how to lead a healthier lifestyle and keep active. It is so important to teach our kids at a young age that keeping fit and healthy is a way of life not a chore. We aim to make the sessions fun, enjoyable and achievable for all children by using a combination of fun games, hand-eye coordination drills and cardio drills. 

The program is for children aged between 5 and 12 years of age. The session goes for 30mins on a Wednesday at 5.30pm and is held at the Banfield Lane Park behind the Capalaba Tavern (next to the Capalaba Rugby League Fields). It will be $5 per child per session for 30mins. 

Our trainers are fully certified to work with children and are very passionate about helping future generations lead a healthy lifestyle. What they do now will affect them in years to come. 

If you have children that may be interested in this program you can contact us today for more information on 0433 299 695 or


Saul Edmonds

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