12 Week Challenge

“All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their vision, that goal or purpose.”

Brian Tracy 

12 Week Challenge Brisbane 

Take the challenge!

The Ozfit 12 Week Challenge is a highly focussed exercise and nutritional program. It is a great tool to get real results - in just 12 weeks. Commit yourself to change and achieve your fitness goals faster with the Ozfit 12 Week Challenge!

What does the 12 Week Challenge include?

  • A weekly tailored workout session with your Personal Trainer
  • Nutritional Education - Learn to eat the right foods for your body
  • Food 
  • Motivating Group Classes
  • Ozfit training merchandise
  • An Ozift ‘Well Being Folder’ - packed with useful information & tips
  • Transformation Photos - before and after
  • Super Challenges

Reach Your Goal

Goal setting is a powerful way to effect change. Get inspired by like minded people who share your passion for change. 

The Ozfit 12 Week Challenge provides support from your trainers and participants - as everyone unites with a clear focus: To Make a Real Difference in Only 12 Weeks.

Take control of your life with the right exercise and the right approach to healthy eating.

Only 40 spaces are available.

To secure your position, call now on m. 0433 299 695 

Fun, Fast, Fat Burning Sessions

The Ozfit 12 Week Challenge is designed to work for people of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness pro - we work with you to succeed. Each workout session contains a mixture of the following elements:

  • Warm Up and Stretch - improve your flexibility
  • Core Workout - Strengthen muscles in your abdomen, back and glutes.
  • Metabolic Workout - Get you heart pumping to burn calories faster!
  • Strength Workout - Build muscle, strength and stamina.

Get inspired to become your personal best!

Ozfit offers exciting prizes to our top 3 - 12 Week Challenge clients! These are the clients who lose the most weight and waist line measurements. 

Did you know?

Each previous Ozfit 12 Week Challenge Group - has lost over 300kg combined!!

This program works!

Real people get real results.

Get Started!

Commit to change with the fun and motivating Ozfit 12 Week Challenge. 

The Ozfit 12 Week Challenge is held twice yearly starting February and September. 

Get in early to secure your space. Call now on: 

  • Get fit
  • Ozfit

For a 12 Week Challenge Brisbane, Queensland contact Ozfit today! 

m. 0433 299 695

e. info@ozfitpersonaltraining.com.au

a. 294 - 304 ney rd.
capalaba qld 4157

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