Top 8 Ways Boot Camps are Changing Fitness

There seems to be a lot of interest in the fitness community around boot camps recently. The interest is not surprising, given that boot camps offer a number of advantages over traditional fitness programs. Here are the top 8 ways boot camps are changing fitness: 

8. Totally Inclusive

Boot camps are made up of people of all ages and fitness levels, each with his or her own fitness goals. Usually, everyone does the same exercises, but with weights and goals customized to the individual boot camper. 

7. Comraderie

People who workout together at a boot camp share a respect for one another that just doesn’t happen at the gym. There is a certain comraderie that comes from working hard and seeing the people around you work hard as well, especially if you’re meeting early in the morning. It’s simply very easy to respect a person who will start the day with a workout at dawn. 

6. Accountability

Another thing about working out consistently with the same group of people is a sort of unwritten sense of accountability. People don’t want to let the group down, so they show up to workouts more consistently and get in better shape. No one says anything, but everyone works harder. 

5. Motivation

Many boot camps have devised inventive ways to motivate participants to achieve their fitness goals. As part of a scheduled workout program, for example, the instructor may offer financial incentives or even implement financial penalties to ensure the best attendance possible. 

4. Mood

There is something about exercising, outside, as the sun comes up. The sunlight and fresh air and sounds of the morning provide a natural lift that elevates the mood for the day ahead. It’s very satisfying to know, even before the workday begins, that you’ve already done a workout. 

3. Beginners are Welcome

Gyms can be intimidating, especially for a beginner. And most beginners don’t need a bunch of heavily-designed fitness equipment anyway. People who are new to the fitness world do best in a welcoming environment with quality instruction. Boot camps are thus perfect. Perhaps even more importantly, because of the support of the group, beginners can quickly build confidence.

2. Variety

So often, a workout program goes well for a little while, but drops off altogether after the first few weeks. A common cause for this effect is simple boredom. We get tired of doing the same few things every day. Boot camps, though, make use of the whole spectrum of exercise types. Thus, boredom is less likely; success is more likely.

1. Encouragement

It’s been alluded to in a number of the other points, and encouragement is definitely the most important advantage that boot camp can offer over a gym. Much of the encouragement comes from the instructor, of course, but the more important encouragement comes from your comrades. It’s amazing how much farther you can push yourself when your friends are watching.

Boot camps have proven their value as a comprehensive fitness option. They are more accessible, less expensive, and more effective than gyms. And they are the place where the excuses finally stop, for so many people. Contact us now to sign up for an introductory class. Reach your fitness goals.