The diet perpetual cycle

If you are in a hole…Stop digging!!

Dieting stupidity…

Read on to see if it sounds familiar or if you have ever felt this way?

You catch a quick glimpse in the mirror or you see a photo of yourself from the last event you attended. It has been a long time since you really looked at what is happening with your body and oh my! Who is that reflection staring back? Who is that person in the photo? Can that really be me? How did I get to be that fat?

If you are 85% of women or 43% of men, your first reaction to fixing the picture will sound something like this… 

“That’s it, I’m going on a diet”


So, we dig out an old favourite diet or we search through a magazine or the bookstore for the latest and greatest fat burning, hip shrinking, weight wasting, celebrity drinking formula and/or diet!! 

The one we find just happens to be the 6-week, “Can’t have this”, “Mustn’t have that”, low-calorie, starve yourself diet for the Stars, and of course…it begins on Monday!!

Saturday and Sunday you eat everything you can find that is high fat, high sugar and “Bad”. Sunday night, until midnight, you have your head in the fridge going for it, knowing that tomorrow, life as you know it, has come to an end!!


Monday morning you wake up with that sick feeling in your stomach, today is diet day!! You drag yourself out of bed, into some form of exercise clothing and continue the process of dragging by getting your body to the gym, around the block, onto the bike or into the pool. Thinking to yourself how this is not fun and how long before I can stop??


Monday morning diet breakfast is the boiled egg, no toast, no butter or the natural muesli-no taste, depending on whether you have chosen the high protein or the low fat, high fibre diet option?

Sunday night until midnight you have your head in the fridge going for it,
knowing that life as you know it, has come to an end!!


By 10AM Monday morning, everyone you have seen all morning is having something that you can’t have. Donuts at the morning team meeting, croissants for morning tea, a packet of Tim Tams is being passed around with morning coffees… How are you beginning to feel? Are you jumping out of your skin with motivation, enthusiasm and happiness? Hardly. You will probably be starting to feel…

Hungry? Grumpy? Deprived? Miserable?


It is now 3PM on the first day of the six- week diet. You have had your tuna and lettuce salad or your crisp­bread and tomato for lunch, again depending on your protein/carb diet decision. Everyone else went out for Pizza and loved it. Now, how are you feeling?

Depressed? Starving? Angry?


Annoyed that you have to be on a diet and nobody else is? If you are a normal person, and definitely a normal female, you will probably be feeling, deprived, depressed, miserable, angry, hungry, even starving. What does one do when one is feeling that way?


Of course, you eat!! A Tim-Tam, the stale croissants from breakfast, and, for emergencies, the Kit-Kat, you keep in your office drawer. And after you eaten how do you feel? Guilty? Bad? Fat? Out of control? So, you finish the packet of Tim-Tams, annoyed that you’ve broken another diet! Frustrated that it’s only the first day of a six-week diet and you couldn’t stick to it?


Now what happens?


Now, when you look in the mirror what do you see? “Who is that overweight, undisciplined, guilt-ridden loser? Who cares! stuff it! I will start again next Monday Bring on the junk food, lets have pizza for dinner!!!!”


This insane, crazy, stupid diet merry-go-round goes on in some of our lives Monday after Monday after Monday and what does it produce? Negative self-esteem and feelings of failure. Has it ever produced a healthy, happy, fit, strong body? Has it ever produced a positive, happy, strong, healthy mind? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have to get off the dieting merry-go-round and start to think differently…


“The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result!”


If you expect to fail you will!! If you expect to succeed, you will!!


So, how do you get off the diet merry-go-round and achieve the strong, fit, healthy body you deserve?


It does not start with your eating plan, your exercise program or how much you drink or don’t. ALL success begins in your own head.

You have to see yourself as a fit, strong healthy person before your physical body can ever hope to follow along!!

Sports people and elite athletes are very familiar with this very powerful tool. The technique is called visualisation and it is the key to your success or failure at anything - especially your fitness and sporting goals. The great thing is that elite sports people and athletes do not own the rights to visualisation. Everyone can use it, at any time, to achieve anything!!.

Here’s how it works … A successful athlete will have won the race, the title, the medal or the game 500 or 1000 times in their own mind, before they ever set foot in the sporting arena. They have heard the crowd yelling their name, they have felt the trophy or medal in their hand and they have already spent the prize money … all in their mind.


Imagine the opposite. A world champion swimmer standing on the blocks, waiting to swim, thinking…

  • “I am a loser”,
  • “I can’t swim fast”,
  • “I can’t win this race”,
  • “Everyone is faster than me”

It sounds silly doesn’t it. Is it likely that this swimmer would win the race?

If you really want to lose weight, get fit, be healthy or if your want to achieve any of your important goals, learn to visualise your success.

Everything we do happens twice … The first time, in our head!!

Visualise your goal in your minds eye. Actually see yourself… You are a fit, healthy, strong, lean person. Feel your tight muscles and lean, smooth arms and legs. Touch your smooth skin, shiny hair and strong fingernails. See yourself in the mirror wearing a spectacular new outfit.


How does it feel? Do you like what you see? Do you want to feel like this forever?

Now close your eyes and see and feel the following in your mind… You are taking the stairs, not the escalator, or you are walking up the escalator, instead of standing on it. You are choosing a big plate of yummy, fresh, sweet strawberries, grapes, watermelon, pineapple and cherries, instead of the chocolate mud cake and you are so proud of yourself!! You are lifting a heavy box easily, without hurting your back. You are running over the finish line of your first 5KM fun run and you feel fantastic!!

You are making love to the partner of your dreams and you have so much energy you could go all night. And all the lights are on and you love how you look naked!!

The beautiful thing is that your mind does not know the difference between real and imaginary, all it can see is the pictures that you produce and then it will do everything, and anything, to make those pictures a reality.

The scary thing is that the opposite works just as powerfully. If you imagine failure, if you see yourself as an overweight person unable to lose weight, if you see yourself coming last or not achieving your goals. ..You will get what you expect!! Even sadder, even if you do lose weight, get fit, achieve your goals and you still see yourself as fat, unfit or as a non­-achiever, even the reality will not convince you. You will still be exactly what you think you are.


Start “seeing” your success in your mind and you will automatically have started to produce the result in reality!!


Stop Digging Today!!