Alexandra McCabe, 27

Health and Fitness Goal:

To lose weight for that beach body and to become fitter.

What have you achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training:

I achieved an ultimate lifestyle change with OZ FIT. Mason and Alicia helped me achieve more with fitness then I even knew I wanted. After starting OZ FIT 2yrs ago just to get “bikini ready” I ended up finding a very comfortable family-like fitness group, don’t get me wrong; every session was intense and epic but Mason and Alicia, along with the rest of the bootcampers that do bootcamps, make you feel like family. I ended up getting down to less then 11% body fat and was in the best shape of my life, feeling even better then i ever had! I would NOT have been able to achieve this on my own or at any other gym because of the knowledge that both Mason and Alicia have with fitness, nutrition, support, encouragment and patience. All of the training, constant support and nutrition that OZ FIT Personal Training offer also got me prepared for one of the biggest journeys in my life to date…

trying out for the LFL (Legends Football League) at the start of this year. OZ FIT Personal Training’s ability to adapt to any type of fitness situation saw me achieve my dream, getting picked to train with QLD Brigade in the Australian LFL. OZ FIT Personal Training still continues to support me through my fitness and hope of getting a contract with QLD Brigade at the end of the year :)

What are the 3 main reasons why you are happy to refer friends and family to train at OZ FIT Personal Training?

1. Mason and Alicia are such positive, motivated and encouraging people that it attracts the same type of person to the epic bootcamps they do. They make anyone training at OZ FIT Personal Training feel like home/family, which encourages anyone, no matter their fitness level, to get involved and get healthy in an amazing, professional atmosphere.

2. Not only are the bootcamps and SUPER CHALLENGES amazing, the 2 Private Studios that OZ FIT Personal Training offer are awesome! One is full of free weights and the other is HAMMERSTRENGTH (one of the worlds leading gym equipment to date) The personal training sessions they offer are, again, induvidually based for different fitness levels and different fitness goals.

3 Their motto is ‘your fitness is our passion’ and that truely IS what OZ FIT Personal Training offer and the exact reason I would and do recommend anyone wanting to lose a few kilos or just tone up or get fit while having fun or get involved in a group activity and/or start a hobby or achieve a dream of competing in a fitness comp etc as they offer anything from that broad spectum of fitness.


Saul Edmonds

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