Carley Whitehouse, 30

My Health and Fitness Goals

Upon joining Oz Fit Personal Training the goals I had set for myself were somewhat unknown.  I was very happy unhappy with the way I looked and how I felt about my body, I would do anything and everything to cover up where I could.  I wanted to lose all my baby weight, I needed to tone my body, I needed to work on my core strength and my cardio fitness levels.

What have I achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training?

I am astounded with how far I have come.  I have lost in excess of 6kg, my cardio fitness levels are in excess of anything I ever dreamt of.  I felt my strength has improved immensely and whilst I am still working towards being fitter and stronger on a daily basis I know that all my initial goals has been achieved and it is now time to set myself new goals.  For the first time I ran the Bridge to Brisbane in September 2012 and I had never run in excess of 2km in the past let alone 10km, and with the help, guidance, encouragement and motivation of Mason and Alicia I managed to complete in just over 56m – a time I once would have never thought possible.

What are the 3 main reasons why I am happy to refer friends and family to OZFIT Personal Training?

1. Mason and Alicia practice what they preach. They are a daily inspiration for me and seeing how hard they work and train makes me want to work and train that hard also.  As sad as it sounds it pleases me when I know I have done well and therefore I feel they are doing their job and they should also feel a sense of achievement.

2. You set your own goals and the trainers help you achieve them.  During my first 3 months I knew diet was a huge part of my weight loss and Alicia would look at my food diary on a weekly basis and guide me in the right direction, no question or task is ever too big or small for OzFit.

3. No two Boot Camp sessions are ever the same.  I had always been a person who couldn’t enjoy the gym.  I find the Boot Camp sessions stimulating and the variance that the trainers capture really works every part of your body on a weekly basis.  Mason and Alicia clearly put a lot of thought and effort into what happens at each boot camp session and no session can ever be described as dull or mundane.


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