Erin Palmer, 23

My Health and Fitness Goal

In the beginning my goal was to lose weight because I didn’t like the way I looked, Enjoy life and walk up a flight of stairs without feeling puffed!

What have you achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training?

I have achieved a new outlook on life, after losing over 25kgs with Alicia and Mason I have come out of my shell alot more and my confidence has had a massive boost… Something that I have notice since I started Training in May 2012 I could never run the around the football field, now I can run twice around without a second thought!

Also I never thought I would EVER come first in something related to health and fitness however after teaming up with Angie who I met through the OzFit Bootcamps we successfully took out first place 12 week challenge in 2012 which was an amazing feeling! Thanks to Alicia and Mason’s saying “sacrifice or regret” and it was worth it!

What are the 3 main reasons why you are happy to refer friends and family to train at OZ FIT Personal Training?

1. I would refer anyone to Alicia and Mason because it’s not like going to a gym where there is no support or you feel like you’re being judged as soon as you walk in the door. With OzFit it’s like family, you have all the support you need and there is no judgment, even the people attending the bootcamp sessions are friendly and always willing to lend a hand.

2. Every session is different you never know what they are planning! Mason and Alicia cater to everyone’s needs whether its injuries or fitness levels, it just adds to the excitement and you know they will be there every step of the way!!

3. Alicia and Mason have helped me reach my goals when I was at breaking point and needed support, they were there! Most Personal Trainers are all Business where as OzFit is Professional with an edge, they are always a phone call or message away when you’re about to eat or drink something you really shouldn’t, they give you that push and remind you what your working towards and without that I would have given up within a month!

P.S I have always hated Pink however I have a new appreciation for Pink and Black!


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