Kathy Ferries, 52

My Health and Fitness Goal

My goals were to learn more on the nutritional side of health and fitness, lose weight and get fitter.

What have you achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training?

I have achieved more than I ever imagine. I have learnt to eat healthier and make better options with my nutrition. My fitness level has increased way beyond my expectations and my weight loss was unbelievable. I feel fantatastic inside and out. I have way more confidence in myself and I love the shape I have achieved. I never thought that I would be able to run the amount I am able to now. 

What are the 3 main reasons why you are happy to refer friends and family to train at OZ FIT Personal Training?

1. The professionalism, the caring nature and the friendliness that both Alicia and Mason show their clients.
2. The programs that Alicia & Mason design are full of variety and you never get bored because you never know what the next session is going to be. The variety keeps you motivated.
3. Alicia and Mason’s constant praise that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to and no matter what they are always there to support and encourage you the whole time.  I completed the 12 Week Challenge in Early 2012 and never imagined I could achieve what I did but thanks to Alicia & Mason I made it through and achieved more than I ever expected.  


Saul Edmonds

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