Kristy Trappett, 33

Health and fitness goal:

To compete as a fitness model at the INBA competition in May 2013. I went to the INBA September 2012 competition to watch Mason compete on stage and was so inspired by his dedication, hard work and end result that I decided to work towards getting on the stage myself!

What have you acheived while being trained at OZ FIT Perosnal Training:

I achieved my health and fitness goal and was able to compete in the INBA comp in May. Not only did I achieve the body I wanted and needed for the stage, I also achieved the mental strength that was necessary for the journey. My fitness levels also improved dramatically after dropping unnecessary body fat and building extra lean muscle. I now have the strength and endurance to run longer distances and at a faster pace.  

What are the main reasons why you are happy to refer friends and family to OZ FIT Personal Training:

1.   Mason and Alicia train both the body and the mind! I could not have achieved my goal without their constant support and encouragement along the way. They keep a close eye on the mental well-being of their clients and are always there to listen to the challenges that their clients are facing and provide them with the motivation they need to reach their goals.

2.   The programs are personalised. Mason and Alicia take the time to get to know their clients personally and are able to design programs that they know will enable each client to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.  

3.   Mason and Alicia are very professional and very knowledgeable and can teach their clients so much about heath, fitness and nutrition. I learnt something knew in every single session!


Saul Edmonds

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