Leisl Woodford, 32

Health and fitness goal

My goal was to lose weight, get fit and to just become a better version of myself.

What have you achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training

Since joining the ozfit family I have seen my body change more than I ever thought possible in 12 short weeks, I’ve made amazing new friends with shared goals and I now look at exercise not as a hellish chore but as an enjoyable part of everyday life. Words can’t begin to describe how passionately I feel about Ozfit and all it encompasses.

What are the 3 main reasons why you are happy to refer friends and family to train at OZ FIT Personal Training

1. Mason and Alicia are the best people you could ever ask for to take you as you are and work with you to achieve whatever your goals may be. They are so approachable and down to earth but at the same time not afraid to give you a kick up the bum when you need one.
2. Ozfit honestly is like a tight knit family. The environment that they have managed to create is nothing short of amazing. You may not know anyone on your first night at bootcamp but within a week or two you have made friends who support you when you need it most and who genuinely care how you’re going. There is a real feeling of “we’re all in this together” It’s amazing the difference a smile or a word of encouragement make when you’re making your way around the oval.
3. The results are amazing. If you turn up, do what Mason and Alicia set out for you and eat all the right foods, the body you want is yours for the taking.


Saul Edmonds

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