Nicholas Davie, 22

Health and Fitness Goal:

When I started with OZ FIT I just wanted to increase my health and fitness. But now due to the passion shown by mason and Alicia my goals have grown to wanting to increase muscle mass while saying lean and one day competing on stage.

What have you achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training:

The results I have achieved while training with OzFit wouldn’t of been possible without the motivation and guidance of Mason and Alicia. I’ve increased my muscle mass and stayed lean. Gone from a small size shirt to a medium. Putting on 8 kgs of lean muscle and still going. I’ve found new ways to motivate myself in all aspect of my life and learnt so much I didn’t know about food and nutation.

What are the 3 main reasons why you are happy to refer friends and family to train at OZ FIT Personal Training

1. Mason and Alicia are extremely friendly and very welcoming and explain every exercise, as well as demonstrate and check correct form. Which makes it so easy for people who have never done weight training before.
2. Mason and Alicia enjoy training all of the clients and love seeing the results they help there clients achieve which is why I think they are always finding new ways to train there clients as efficient as possible. 
3. While training and you think you have nothing left in the tank Mason and Alicia are there to push you harder then you thought possible the achieve new boundaries.


Saul Edmonds

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