Rod Hoad, 43

Health and fitness Goal

After many years of neglect and abusing by health I realised (through ill health) that it was time I needed to do something about my weight as I was obese and struggling to make it through each day.

Inner Health and Well Being were only words until it became clear that my own health was depleting and that it was about time find that inner person I once was, before I could no longer achieve it myself. 

I have tried Jenny Craig and Tony Ferguson, then realised that it was time to roll my sleeves up, buckle down and work it off the old fashioned way.

Contacting OZ FIT in hindsight, was the best thing I could have done to reach my goal to improve my life style and well being and shed that unwanted fat. 

What have you achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training

I have lost over 30kg whilst being trained at OZ FIT, I’ve completely changed my life for the better and cant speak any higher of the professionalism and commitment that mason and Alicia show their clients. I had all the health issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol and low energy levels and now I don’t have to worry about them at all. They teach you whats foods to eat and THEY DO NOT STARVE YOU IN THE PROCESS with silly ‘starvation’ diets.

What are the 3 main reasons why you are happy to refer friends and family to train at OZ FIT Personal Training

My maintained social friendships have helped me keep me true to my goals.

 The boot camp sessions are tough and the personal sessions re tailored to each individuals goals, and if followed the results are achievable.

 I would recommend OZ FIT to all who wish to alter their current body shape from fat loss, body shaping or improved fitness

 Thank-you to Alicia and Mason for your commitment in keeping me focused on my goal and welcoming me into the OZFIT family.

 Their applied knowledge and dedication to achieve all there members results is a product of the hard work and commitment they apply, and pays tribute to the true meaning  of personal training.


Saul Edmonds

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