Sally Bell, 28

Health and fitness goal

My health and fitness goal is to feel fit, confident in myself, healthy, energetic and to be able look in the mirror and have only positive thoughts.

What have you achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training

So far from being trained at ozfit I have lost 15kgs in the 12 week challenge. Which was 16.4% of my body weight. I also feel a lot fitter, energetic and more confident. I don’t fight with my wardrobe every morning either and I have mainly positive thoughts when I look in the mirror.

The 3 main reasons why I happily recommend friends and family to ozfit is because:

1. It’s such a lovely friendly environment to train in. They cater for all ages, and I’ve made so many new friends.
2. Every single person who trains with ozfit is so supportive and encouraging of one and other. It’s all about team work.
3. The trainers are awesome with a can do attitude and are so understanding. Alicia wasn’t just my personal trainer, she was also my nutritionist, physiologist (at times) and now my friend!


Saul Edmonds

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