Shane Brush, 34

Health and Fitness Goal:

My main goal when joining Mason and Alicia at OZ FIT was to build lean muscle and put on some size. My wife had been training with Alicia and had achieved amazing results and completely transformed herself. She inspired me to also lose weight and  with Alicia guiding her I followed her lead and managed to lose 15kg and was quite lean and tiny. Feeling quite fit at that point I wanted to bulk up a little but do it in a healthy way. That’s when I decided to join Mason and we made a plan to focus on a weight training and clean bulking program followed by a cutting cycle to cut the fat gained over the bulking period.

What have you achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training:

Over the 12 months that we have focused on the weight training and clean bulking cycle I managed to put on over 20kg. I went form 79kg to well over 100kg and managed to do this while still maintaining good health. My strength went through the roof and I was lifting weights that I didn’t expect to be able to lift in such a short period of time. Once I had reached my goal of weighing over 100kg we embarked on a 12 week fat cutting cycle. We managed to get my body fat from around 19% down to just under 12% during this 12 week cycle. It was a very challenging process. Mason helped me to focus on the goal and he knew exactly what it took to get it done both mentally and physically.

My experience over the past year has helped me build more confidence in myself than I’ve ever had before. My health has improved and my overall outlook on fitness is very positive compared to past years. It’s an addictive hobby bodybuilding and something I plan to do for many years to come and I look forward to training with Mason to achieve the best I can.  I can’t thank Mason enough for his guidance and knowledge. He has taught me more about the ability that I have than I thought possible.

To change someone’s life is not an easy task but that’s exactly what Mason and Alicia have done for me and my wife Heidi. And that’s something money can’t buy. Thank you guys.            

What are the 3 main reasons why you are happy to refer friends and family to train at OZ FIT Personal Training? 

1. The knowledge Mason has of the weight training and the way my body works was unbelievable. He gets to know your body better than you do. He would be able to tell me how many reps I would do before fatiguing and he would do this before I even began a set. He knew my limits better than I did.           

2. His experience with the nutrition side of training is also obvious. He told me when we first started the bulking cycle how much weight I can expect to gain on a weekly basis. His estimate was almost spot on. With the food guidance he provided, he estimated a 500gram gain weekly. Over the 12 month period it was around 480 grams I gained weekly.

3. Mason and Alicia are not just good trainers they are also great people. They are very down to earth and easy going and very much in touch with reality. They help with the ups and downs as they have themselves experienced them first hand. From my experience all of this is a major part in succeeding in your fitness goals. If you enjoy what your doing your bound to get results. And the last point to make is you don’t just get a trainer. You get a counsellor and a friend. :)


Saul Edmonds

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