Steve Young, 35

My Health and Fitness goal:

My primary goal was to loose weight. I was carrying way to much weight, was unfit, drunk too much and ate too much unhealthy food.

What have you achieved while being trained at OZ FIT Personal Training?:

My primary goal was to loose weight. I started out at 112kgs in September 2012 and have dropped to 91kgs after the last 12 week challenge. Losing weight has obviously lifted my fitness levels and better health has been a benefit of this.. I can now say I’m as fit, if not fitter than I was at high school. I have been equipped with the mental tools to eat cleanly, control portion size, and  work out regularly.

What are the 3 main reasons why you are happy to refer friends and family to OZ FIT Personal Training:

1 - Bootcamps: The group bootcamp sessions that are run 4 times a week are challenging but rewarding. Mason and Alicia always have different activities to challenge us with so there is no getting bored with the sessions. Everyone who participates in the bootcamps are friendly and supportive, and are a great bunch of people to work out with. It’s good to have a laugh while working out.

2 - Oz Fit helps you to achieve your goals: Mason and Alicia know exactly how to help you reach your goals. Their knowledge, dedication and positive attitude help contribute to reaching  what you want to achieve. Their daily SMS ” thought for the day” have stopped me a few times from reaching for that bag of chips, or can of Coke. Oz Fit are professional and dedicated to you. They standby their slogan of “fitness is our passion”.

3 - It’s fun!!: 


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