Vanessa Wadsworth, 50

Early January 2016 I was having a conversation with my son Clinton “I think it’s time I did something about my weight and looked after myself” Probably the conversation that changed my life.

Clinton suggested I go down with him and Claire to boot camp (OZ FIT) as it was just beginning for the New Year.My reply was I was too old and too fat for boot camp he tried to convince me that it was not like a gym and people of all ages, size and fitness level did boot camp and I would fit in well. But I didn’t go down on Monday, without him knowing on Wednesday night I went and got KFC for dinner and sat in the car park and watched them train. I thought to myself I can do that because I did see all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels saw people walking while others ran. 

That night I asked him if he could book me in to try boot camp out on Monday. 

My first session commenced on 18/01/16 (a free trial). I was warmly greeted by Alicia, who introduced me to Wayne (I think because he was a little older than me). Wayne was very friendly and told me his story of weight loss and fitness gain.

Alicia and Mason were both very understanding of my very limited exercise ability. I never saw myself as fat (unless I went to buy clothes) or unfit because I would always work hard to achieve whatever was thrown my way. I could not run 20m because of my knees etc so I would walk up and down the field while others would run around the field. As there were others that also walked I didn’t feel out of place. That night I had so many people who welcomed and encouraged me and I finally believed that I could become part of this OZ FIT team and be successful in my journey.

So this was the start of an awesome life saving/changing journey that I had absolutely no idea how long or how successful I would become.

I weighed in at the scales at Capalaba park shops on the 17/01/16 at 132kg. I focused on eating healthily during the week but was not so strict on the weekends and I stopped having takeaways from the 17/01/16. No MacDonald’s, KFC, Red Rooster and Hungry Jacks and still have not had them to this day. 

I would weigh in every Sunday and could see my weight dropping either 1kg-2kgs a week which was very promising and rewarding as I was going to boot camp Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. My fitness also improved within weeks and within a couple of months I was running, yes running all because of Mason’s encouragement “ if you can’t run, just run across and walk the straight” . I still remember the first time I talked myself into trying to running across – we were on the field just below KFC and I had just walked the straight and thought I can run across but could see all the cars in the drive through at KFC. I was so embarrassed because of my size and knew I would look ridiculous but something just told me to do it and if they are watching me, maybe they will give up KFC after having seen me. Well off I went I ran at snail pace, but fast enough that I could feel my bum cheeks bouncing up and down. It may have only been 20m but I did it and not long I would run the straights and walk across and then came half a lap followed by full lap now I don’t walk at all. 

With all the encouragement and support I received from Mason, Alicia and all the OZ FIT family one year went by fast I had dropped to lightest I had been in long time to 105.9kg on the 19/02/17 I had gained so much strength/fitness and started to believe in myself again making some great friendships along the way that will last forever.

My goal was set at -30kg I just wanted to get on or under 100kg, but I was struggling I tightened my meals up and did extra sessions but my weight had reached its plateau, I was getting frustrated but not losing my focus ,I couldn’t work out why nothing was happening. I had an emotional break down at booty one night in late October and poor Mason had to listen to me. 

He asked me what was my nutrition was like and Mason said I was old school and not feeding my body properly and of cause I said “ I can’t eat more if I am not losing weight now”.... Mason told me about the 9 week challenge and how Alicia teaches you about nutrition and how to get the most out of your body, I knew I needed help with nutrition as I couldn’t understand what, when and how much I should eat. So I signed up for the next 9 week challenge. I was so focused I wanted to do the challenge straight away but it didn’t start until the New Year. 

December came and so did our breakup dinner where we had to a wear cocktail dress to show off all the hard work we had all done throughout the year. Well what a night it was a very emotional night at the least. 

1. I was so focused on doing the 9 week challenge in January

2. I had not worn a dress just below the knees for 25 years.(wore dress to the floor or pants)

3. And yes once again Mason and Alicia had to listen to me crying again.

Oz Fit is not just about exercise and losing weight it’s about building friendships and supporting each other as we all have different journeys and different backgrounds but we all come together for one thing and that’s to better ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally the best we can.

At the Christmas party Courtney heard me talking about doing the 9 week challenge in January and said she would do it with me and what awesome partners we were.

So exactly 2 years and 2 days from when I started with Oz Fit I started my very first challenge had no idea what I was in for but wanted results and my mind was so strong and focused. 

20/01/18 as we sat and listened to Mason and Alicia gives us the riot act of what they expected from us and what we should expect from them. I did think what the hell I have got myself in for. I was so nervous and then came the body scan and weigh in. I topped the scales at 108.8kg, which I wasn’t happy about as I had put on 3kg since my last weigh in. 

My target I set for the challenge was to lose 15kg in 9 weeks.

Well then the fun begun..... Food, food, food all I seemed to be doing was eating (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner). So much food

After 3 days I sent a text to Alicia stating “ I will be the first person to put weight on in the first 3weeks” Alicia’s response was very blunt “ believe in the process Vanessa we have been doing this for over 10 years” well I can’t repeat what I mumbled but it went like this ##!!###!!####!!#####. 

So I followed the food plan 100% and trained like I have never trained before in my life. Everyone kept telling me how great I was looking and how slim I was looking but I couldn’t see it in myself after all we are our own worst enemy.

The first weigh in: The first 3 weeks had gone fast but not without tears and the unknown.

I was so so scared that I would be so disappointed with what the scales would read and not correspond with the hard work I had put in. Mason was great he knew how hard I had been working and could see results, he wasn’t worried. Time then came for me to hop on the scales I lost a massive 9kg which brought me under 100kg a place I haven’t been for a long long time. 99.5kg and yes I cried and Mason gave me the biggest hug, I could feel how proud he was of me and he told me how proud he was. The process really does work, and my body responded very well. 

Weeks went by quickly and the massive support we all received from the OZ Fit family was enormous and without them it would have been so hard and probably never finished.

6 weeks and another weigh in and another 6kgs gone I was now at my target of -15kg.

From here on it was going to be a bonus but it was tough don’t get me wrong. Mason and Alicia were fantastic they were there with us all the way mentally and physically. Kept us all focused reminding us to believe in the process follow the food plan and exercise plans and you will see results and that we all did. 

Final weigh in and body scan 

As I looked down at the scales I could see 90.1kg I was so disappointed I was hoping to go under 90kg. Yes I know why was I disappointed I had lost a massive 18.7 kg.

And yes I cried again to Mason I felt I had let myself down I was proud of what I had achieved and how hard I worked throughout the challenge but sometimes you are so hard on yourself until you sit back and look how far you have come. And that time came when I was driving to athletics later that morning when I realized how stupid I was because the in body scan read I had lost 20kg of body fat but put on 1kg of muscle, which means I would have reached 89kg if I didn’t gain muscle.

The 9 week challenge has saved my life and the results show that.

Body fat mass went from 38.2 to 18.9
Percent body fat 35.1 to 21.0
Visceral fat level 17 to level 8
Weight 108.8kg to 90.1kg 

Not only have I had physical changes I have also begun my mental changes starting to believe in myself and liking who I am and what I look like it’s been over 25 years since I could say that I like what I see in the mirror.

Since joining OZ Fit 2 years2 months ago where I couldn’t run I have ran several 5 km fun runs/park runs, 10km fun run, and going to run the half marathon in June on the Gold Coast. I have gained a lot of strength and lost a massive 42kg in body fat. I can now purchase clothes from any shop I wish, I have gone from a size 24/26 pants to size 14/16, shirts size 24 to size 10/12 and recently brought a size 10 dress. 

I would have never achieved these results and got my life back without Mason and Alicia the best trainers and the owners of OZ Fit. They have built their business to be like a family who supports each other doesn’t matter what your back ground is or was. 

I have written this letter because so many people wanted to know my journey so if you are reading this and feel inspired and want to start your own journey or if I have motivated you to get back on track then my letter has been a success. 

I still have quite a few more chapters to my own journey and can’t wait to see where Mason and Alicia take me to next. 

Every day is another chance to get STRONGER to eat BETTER to live HEALTHIER and to be the best version of YOU